Which Septic Tank Is Best For Clay Soil

Get Access To Septic Tank Kits
Get Access To Septic Tank Kits

Which Septic Tank Is Best For Clay Soil? Discover the Perfect Solution

Choosing the right septic system for clay soil can be a real headache. Standard soakaway systems struggle in heavy clay, leading to drainage problems and costly repairs. But don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect answer for your off-mains sewage needs.

Introducing Our Clay-Busting Septic Tank Soakaway Kits

Our septic tank soakaway kits are specifically designed to thrive in tough clay soil conditions. Featuring a shallow-dig, low-profile septic tank, drainage field crates, inspection chamber, and easy-connect pipes, they offer:

  • UK Building Control and Environment Agency Approval: Peace of mind that your system complies with regulations and can pass planning permission
  • DIY-Friendly Installation: Save thousands on labor costs – your builder, groundworker, or even you can handle it
  • Zero Concrete, Zero Electricity: Simplicity at its finest – just dig, insert, connect, and backfill
  • Compact Drainage Field: Drainage field crates outperform traditional herringbone layouts with a super-small footprint

How Does It Work on Clay?

The genius lies in the shallow design. By keeping the soakaway components close to the surface, they benefit from better-draining topsoil and avoid the dense, waterlogged clay deeper down. The drainage crates, just 1.5 feet underground, ensure optimal wastewater dispersal.

Fast, Efficient, and Affordable

  • Speedy Delivery: Get your kit within 7 working days, often with free shipping
  • Installation in a Flash: Done in about 3 hours
  • Massive Cost Savings: Starting from just £1999, you’ll bypass the £12,000-£15,000 expense of professional installation

Sized for Your Needs

We tailor our septic tank and soakaway kits to your property size:

  • 1-2 bedroom homes
  • 3-4 bedroom homes
  • 5-6 bedroom homes
  • 7-8 bedroom homes
  • Glamping sites, campsites, shepherd’s huts

Why Choose Us?

  • Clay Soil Specialists: We understand the challenges and provide the ideal solution
  • Regulatory Compliance: Rest assured your system meets Environment Agency standards for “small sewage discharge” and UK regulations
  • Unbeatable Value: Enjoy high-quality, durable systems paired with huge savings
  • Installation Flexibility: Choose the path that works best for you

Ready to Transform Your Off-Mains Sewage System?

Browse our septic tank soakaway kits, tailor-made for the challenges of clay soil. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.

Let us help you achieve a reliable, cost-effective septic solution on your property!

UK Building Control Approved:

Environment Agency Certified: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/applications/building-control-applications/building-control/approved-documents/part-h-drainage-and-waste-disposal/approved-document-h

Compliant with General Binding Rules: https://www.generalbindingrules.co.uk/general-binding-rules

British Water Approved: https://www.britishwater.co.uk/page/Accreditation-Certificationcertified-small-wastewater-treatment-systems-for-up-to-50-pt

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