wastewater package plant cost

wastewater package plant cost
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Brand: Eco System Sewage Treatment Plant

Wastewater Package Plant Cost: The Eco System – A Cut Above the Rest

Are you tired of the high costs and headaches associated with traditional wastewater treatment plants? Discover the Eco System, an innovative, UK-made domestic sewage treatment plant that transforms your wastewater management with its non-electric, organic approach.

The Eco System Advantage:

  • Zero Electricity Bills: Nature powers the Eco System, eliminating electricity costs.
  • Unmatched Reliability: No mechanical parts mean no breakdowns or costly repairs.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: The system self-cleans, so there's no need for emptying.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The Eco System produces safe, organic liquid fertilizer that can be discharged into watercourses or used to nourish your garden.

How the Eco System Works:

  1. Bio Composter: This first tank harnesses the power of worms and bacteria to break down sewage, just like a compost heap.
  2. Worm Reactor: Here, more worms and bacteria transform the effluent into nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer.

Why Choose the Eco System?

  • One of the UK's Most Affordable Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plants: Say goodbye to the expense of electricity-powered systems and endless maintenance.
  • Easy, DIY-Friendly Installation: Your local builder or handy homeowner can handle it.
  • Environment Agency Approved: Meets UK Building Regulations and General Binding Rules for small sewage discharge.
  • Bespoke and Built to Order: Delivery in approximately 14 days.

Experience the difference with the Eco System from Septic Tank Supermarket. Upgrade your wastewater management the cost-effective, eco-conscious way.

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