advanced secondary wastewater treatment systems

advanced secondary wastewater treatment systems
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Brand: Eco System Sewage Treatment Plant

Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment Systems: The Eco System – Your Eco-Friendly Sewage Solution

Product Description

Imagine a sewage treatment plant that revolutionizes how you handle domestic sewage: silent, odorless, virtually maintenance-free, and powered by nature itself. That's the Eco System, your advanced secondary wastewater treatment system for a greener, more sustainable solution.

The Power of Nature: No Bills, No Breakdowns

The Eco System harnesses the power of organic processes to break down wastewater, transforming it into a safe, nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer. The result?

  • Zero Electricity Costs: No reliance on power means no energy bills.
  • No Mechanical Failures: No pumps or compressors mean no costly repairs.
  • No Need for Emptying: Worms and bacteria do the work, eliminating the need for emptying services.

How the Eco System Works

This bespoke, made-to-order system (approx. 14-day delivery) delivers environmentally sound results:

  • Bio Composter: Red worms and bacteria break down solid sewage waste, mimicking a compost heap.
  • Worm Reactor: Further processing transforms the effluent into a liquid fertilizer that's both plant-nourishing and safe for discharge into watercourses like streams and rivers.

Environmentally Certified: The Eco System is approved by the Environment Agency and adheres to UK Building Regulations.

Installation Made Easy

The Eco System's installation is straightforward enough for builders, groundworkers, or DIY enthusiasts.

Cost-Effective Excellence

Experience one of the UK's most affordable non-electric domestic sewage treatment plants. The lack of electrical reliance, maintenance hassles, and service needs makes the Eco System a budget-friendly investment in sustainable wastewater management.

Importantly, the Eco System is approved by:

  • UK Building Control
  • Environment Agency
  • General Binding Rules

This ensures compliance and smooth sailing through planning permission processes.

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