activated sludge treatment plant

activated sludge treatment plant
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Brand: Eco System Sewage Treatment Plant

Activated Sludge Treatment Plant: The Eco System – A Top-Rated, Non-Electric Solution for UK Homes

Discover the Eco System, a revolutionary activated sludge treatment plant that transforms your domestic sewage into clean, safe, organic fertilizer. This non-electric, environmentally friendly solution is perfect for UK homeowners seeking a sustainable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective wastewater treatment plant.

Key Benefits:

  • Zero Electricity Bills: Powered by natural processes, the Eco system eliminates the need for electricity, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • No Breakdowns: Devoid of electric motors, pumps, and other complex components, the Eco System offers unparalleled reliability without costly repairs.
  • No Emptying Required: The hardworking worms and bacteria within the system break down waste completely, eliminating the need for sludge removal.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The Eco System produces mineral-rich liquid fertilizer that's safe for your garden and can be discharged into watercourses, adhering to sewage discharge regulations UK.

How It Works (Simple Explanation):

  1. Bio Composter: Your sewage enters this tank, where red worms and bacteria break down solids like a supercharged compost heap.
  2. Worm Reactor: Effluent flows here for final purification - worms and bacteria transform it into amazing plant fertilizer.

Easy Installation: Your builder, groundworker, or even a capable DIY-er can install the Eco System quickly.

The Septic Tank Supermarket Advantage

At Septic Tank Supermarket, we offer one of the most competitively priced, non-electric domestic sewage treatment plants in the UK. Its minimal maintenance and power-free operation ensure long-term savings compared to electric-reliant models.

Looking for a reliable, eco-friendly sewage solution for your small sewage discharge? The Eco System provides a superior **activated sludge treatment plant ** experience - contact the experts at Septic Tank Supermarket today!

  • Building Control and Environment Agency Approved: The Eco System has earned approval from UK regulatory bodies, meeting General Binding Rules for hassle-free installation and planning permission.

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