activated sludge package plant

activated sludge package plant
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Brand: Eco System Sewage Treatment Plant

Activated Sludge Package Plant: The Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Sewage Solution

Discover the revolutionary Eco System, a non-electric, organic activated sludge package plant that transforms your sewage into safe, plant-nourishing fertilizer. Say goodbye to electricity bills, breakdowns, emptying costs, and environmental concerns!

The Power of Nature

The Eco System harnesses the natural power of worms and bacteria to break down sewage, just like a compost heap. This environmentally friendly approach means:

  • No electricity bills
  • No breakdowns (no pumps or mechanical parts)
  • No emptying costs

How It Works

  1. The Bio Composter: Initial treatment with worms and bacteria breaks down solids.
  2. The Worm Reactor: Further treatment creates mineral-rich liquid fertilizer, ready for garden use or safe discharge into watercourses.

Eco System Benefits

  • Silent and odorless operation
  • Environment Agency and UK Building Regs approved – ideal for planning permission
  • Nourishes your garden with exceptional organic fertilizer
  • Easy, DIY-friendly installation

Cost-Effective and Reliable

The Eco System is one of the UK's most affordable non-electric domestic sewage treatment plants. Its nature-powered design eliminates the costs and hassles associated with traditional electric systems.

  • Compliance & Peace of Mind:
    • Approved by UK Building Control, the Environment Agency, and the General Binding Rules, ensuring it meets all regulations and can smoothly pass planning permission.

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