8 person sewage treatment plant

8 person sewage treatment plant
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Brand: Eco System Sewage Treatment Plant

8 Person Sewage Treatment Plant - Eco System - Non-Electric, Eco-Friendly Solution

Discover the Eco System, the revolutionary non-electric 8 person sewage treatment plant that offers a sustainable, hassle-free solution for your domestic sewage treatment needs.

Say Goodbye to Electricity Bills, Breakdowns, and Odors

The Eco System harnesses the power of nature to break down sewage without electricity, pumps, or moving parts. This means:

  • Zero electricity bills
  • No costly repairs due to mechanical breakdowns
  • No foul sewage odors

Transform Sewage into Liquid Fertilizer

Unlike traditional sewage systems, the Eco System transforms your wastewater into a nutrient-rich, organic liquid fertilizer that's safe to discharge into a watercourse or use to nourish your garden.

How the Eco System Works

  • Bio Composter: Red worms and bacteria break down solid sewage in a process similar to composting.
  • Worm Reactor: Further treatment with worms and bacteria turns sewage into mineral-rich liquid fertilizer.

Effortless Installation

The Eco System is incredibly easy to install – your builder, a groundworker, or even you can do it! Just dig a hole, insert the tanks, connect the pipes, and backfill.

Best Value in the UK

The Eco System's non-electric design and lack of maintenance needs make it one of the most affordable domestic sewage treatment plants on the market today.

Ideal for:

  • Properties without mains drainage connections
  • Environmentally-conscious homeowners
  • Those seeking low-cost, reliable sewage treatment
  • Situations where small sewage discharge regulations apply

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Fully Approved and Compliant

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