30 sewage treatment plant

30 sewage treatment plant
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Brand: Eco System Sewage Treatment Plant

30 Person Sewage Treatment Plant – Non-Electric, Eco-Friendly, & Cost-Effective Solution

Discover the ultimate in sustainable and hassle-free sewage management with the Eco System, the non-electric marvel for domestic sewage treatment. This revolutionary system harnesses the power of nature to break down waste, producing clean, organic liquid fertilizer that's safe to discharge into watercourses.

Key Benefits:

  • Zero Electricity Bills: Nature powers the Eco System, eliminating the energy costs associated with traditional electric sewage treatment plants.
  • No Breakdowns: Devoid of vulnerable electrical components, the Eco System stands robust against malfunctions and costly repairs.
  • No Emptying Required: The Eco System's diligent worms and bacteria consume sewage, saving you the expense of emptying services.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Compliant with General Binding Rules, Environment Agency regulations, and UK Building Regulations, the Eco System safeguards waterways and the planet.
  • Nourishes Your Garden: The organic liquid fertilizer is a boon for your plants – a natural growth enhancer straight from your sewage!

How the Eco System Works

  1. The Bio Composter: Red worms and bacteria work tirelessly within this tank, mimicking a composting process to break down solid waste.
  2. The Worm Reactor: Effluent flows into the Worm Reactor, where further purification transforms it into mineral-rich fertilizer for your garden or safe discharge into a watercourse.

Effortless Installation

The Eco System is remarkably DIY-friendly, or you can choose quick and straightforward installation by a builder or groundworker.

Unmatched Value

The Eco System's unique non-electric design and maintenance-free operation make it one of the most cost-effective domestic sewage treatment plants on the UK market. Upgrade your sewage management without compromising your budget or the environment.

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