Soakaway Kits

Septic Tank Kits Reduce nitrate levels. Approved In The UK By The Environment Agency
Get Access To Septic Tank Soakaway Kits
Get Access To Septic Tank Soakaway Kits

Soakaway Kits: The Simple, Affordable Solution for Your Septic Needs


Are you looking for a cost-effective, DIY-friendly solution for your property’s wastewater management? Our septic tank soakaway kits are the perfect answer, combining efficiency, regulatory compliance, and ease of installation – saving you thousands in costs.

What’s Included in Our Soakaway Kits?

  • Shallow dig, low-profile septic tank
  • 5 x 3-meter lengths of 110mm single socket pipes
  • 1 x 320mm inspection chamber
  • 8 drainage field crates

Key Advantages of Our Soakaway Kits

  • Regulatory Approval: Approved by UK Building Control, the Environment Agency, and compliant with General Binding Rules, ensuring a hassle-free planning process.
  • DIY-Friendly Installation: Designed for simple installation by builders, groundworkers, or even yourself. No concrete or electricity needed!
  • Space-Saving Design: Drainage field crates offer a compact footprint compared to bulky herringbone soakaway systems.
  • UK-Wide Delivery: Fast and free delivery (approximately 7 working days) within the UK.
  • Exceptional Cost Savings: Kits start at just £1999, offering potential savings of £13,000 or more compared to professional installation costs.
  • Suitable for Any Property: We offer kits tailored to various bedroom counts and even commercial uses like glamping sites and shepherd huts.
  • Works in Tough Soil: Effective even in poorly draining clay soil.

The Installation Process Couldn’t Be Easier

  1. Dig a hole
  2. Insert the septic tank, inspection chamber, and drainage crates
  3. Connect the pipework
  4. Backfill with soil or gravel

Why Choose Our Soakaway Kits?

When you need a septic tank solution that ticks all the boxes – our soakaway kits are the obvious choice. They are:

  • Cost-effective: Save thousands on installation.
  • Reliable: Approved by the Environment Agency and compliant with UK regulations.
  • Adaptable: Sized for residential or commercial properties.
  • Easy to maintain: Built for simple, long term operation.

Transform Your Property’s Wastewater Management Today!

Get Access To Septic Tank Soakaway Kits
Get Access To Septic Tank Soakaway Kits

Don’t hesitate! Upgrade your property with a DIY-friendly soakaway kit. Browse our available kits or contact us to discuss your septic tank needs.

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