Septic Tank Soakaway Crates 3-4 Bedroom


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Ideal For All Types Of Sewage Systems

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3-4 Bedroom
5 x Doubled Septic Tank
Soakaway Crates
Comes with free membrane (worth £89)
Silt chamber sold separately
£699 + vat

Appoximate Dimensions

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Dig Hole
Insert Sampling Chamber (not included) 

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Place Membrane In Hole
(comes free with crates) 

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Place Crates On Membrane
(they just clip together) 

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Cover Crates On Membrane
(Top and sides) 

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Cover With Top Soil
(and then cover with soil) 

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Septic Tank Soakaway Crates 3-4 Bedroom
Septic Tank Soakaway Crates 3-4 Bedroom