Septic Tank Soakaway

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Are you looking to repair, replace or install a new septic tank and soakaway?

Well, imagine a septic tank and soakaway that you could easily install in just three hours.

A septic tank and soakaway Kit that was Building Regs approved and came with all the pipes, the tank, an inspection chamber, and the soakaway.

Welcome to the septic tank and soakaway kit.

It a complete septic tank and soakaway system that you or your builder can install.

With this septic tank and soakaway kit you’re getting 15 meters of orange underground pipe with the connector’s moulded onto them. You’re getting the amazing shallow dig septic tank that requires no concrete. You are getting a German inspection chamber and you get in the amazing septic tank soakaway crates. Plus, you are also getting free membrane worth a hundred pounds for free.

So, if you’re looking for a septic tank and soakaway, that is easy to install. That is fully compliant with UK building regs. Comes with free membrane (worth £100). A German inspection chamber and you can install in just under three hours, then the amazing septic tank and soakaway kit is for you.

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