Work With All
Septic Tanks And Soakaways

Ideal For Unblocking
Septic Tank And Rainwater Soakways.


They Also Clean Septic Tanks.


Money Back Guarantee

How To Get Soakaway Worms
Into The Septic Tank And Soakaway 


Remove Septic Tank Lid

Empty the bucket of worms and bedding into
the septic tank or chamber nearest the soakaway


The Worms Get To Work

The worms will make their way from the septic tank into
the soakaway. Burrowing into all the fat, grease and sludge


The Worms Clean Your System

The Worms will eat all the fat, grease and the sludge.
Allowing the wastewater to soakaway freely into the soil.

Unblocking and unclogging the entire septic tank and soakaway system.


Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What Worms Do You Use?

Soakaway worms are not earth worms.

There are over 150 species of worm in the UK.

Our worms are a special type of orgainc red sewage worm,
that are indigenous to the UK and are bred in our wormeries.

Do not be mislead by worm companies selling worms for soakaways!
You will be dissapointed because they are not the same and will not work!

Will The Worms Drown?



Worms do not drown in water, sludge or silt if there is oxygen present.


In 99% of septic tanks and soakaways there is an aerobic process inside the tank.


Because of this natural process the worms can survive.

Will The Worms Repair Collasped Pipes
Or Pipes That Are Choked By Tree Roots?

No. Soakaway worms will only work on fat, grease, excrement, sludge, and soil.

Will The Worm Casts Clog Up
The Soakaway?



The worm cast discharge consists mostly of water that naturally drains away

and bio degrades into the soil.

How Long Will The Worms Live?

The worms are a one off treatment.


Inside the septic tank and soakaway pipes, the worms will breed and multiply in their
surroundings, and as older worms die off they will be replaced by younger ones.

How Do I Get The Worms
Into My Soakaway?

There are 2 very simple ways to get the worms into your soakaway.


1) Remove the septic tank lid.


2) Simply pour the bucket of worms and bedding into your septic tank.


3) Replace the septic tank lid.


4) Within 1-2 days many of the worms will slowly start to make their way
into the soakaway, breeding and multiplying as they do so.


Alternatively, If you have a manhole chamber installed that runs directly
into your soakaway, just pour the bucket of worms and bedding into it.

Within 1-2 days the worms will make their way into the soakaway pipes.

How Long Before The Worms
Will Unblock My Soakaway?

The worms will adjust quickly to their new surroundings, and start the process of cleaning
and eating the sludge, silt and debris in your soakaway within a matter of days.


Typically it can take 2-3 weeks for the worms to work their way through your
entire soakaway pipes, depending on the size of the soakaway, and how badly it is blocked.


If you suspect the soakaway is in poor condition then please
use the extra large bucket of soakaway worms. 

Are The Worms
Guaranteed To Work?

If your soakaway is blocked up with sludge, grease, excrement and soil the worms will unblock it.
They will not clear tree roots, or remedy crushed or collapsed pipes.


In 99% of cases the worms work fantastically, and 1000’s of worms have been sold up to date.


If the worms do not work, and you have to get your soakaway repaired or replaced, then
all we require is proof that the pipes are not crushed or root infection wasn’t the problem.


Based on this will gladly refund you 100% guaranteed.  

Will The Worms Ever Leave The Septic Tank
And Acess My Bathroom Via The Toilet?

No. They are creatures of habit.


Once in your soakaway they will live there indefinately.

Organic Red

Soakaway Worms

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Just Look At These Benefits!

  • 2020 Ready Makes your septic tank legal and compliant befor all the new laws that come into effect in 2020
  • Save £££'s. No Repairs. No More Emptying.
  • Clean Septic Tank - Worms eat fat, grease & sludge.
  • Clean Soakaway - Worms unclog soakaway pipes.
  • One Time Treatment - The worms breed.
  • 100% Organic. Safe. Clean. Natural
  • Works With All Sewage Systems
  • Easy To Use -  Empty contents bucket into septic tank.

Any Questions?


Safe. Natural. Organic.