Septic Tank Soakaway Regulations

Septic Tank Soakaway Regulations

New septic tank soakaway regulations are coming.

If you are a septic tank soakaway owner then this video will save you £1000’s

On the 1st January 2020 all the rules for septic tanks and soakaways are changing forever.

If septic tank soakaway owners do not make their septic tanks conform with all this
new septic tank legislation they will face fines and prosecution.

Unfortunately, many septic tank owners are being ripped off and are paying companies
£1000’s to relocate or repair and replace their septic tank and soakaway.

Please before you spend a penny, please watch this video. Not only will I show you how to make your septic tank legal,
and comply with all these septic tank rules in 2020. I will also show you how to save £1000’s in unnecessary costs.

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Septic Tank Soakaway Regulations

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