Septic Tank Soakaway Design Guide

Septic Tank Kits Reduce nitrate levels. Approved In The UK By The Environment Agency
Septic Tank Kits Reduce nitrate levels. Approved In The UK By The Environment Agency
Get Access To Septic Tank Kits
Get Access To Septic Tank Kits

Septic Tank Soakaway Design Guide: The Easy, Affordable UK Solution

Are you looking to install or replace a septic tank system on your UK property? Our comprehensive guide and DIY septic tank soakaway kits make the process simpler and more budget-friendly than ever before.

What is a Septic Tank Soakaway?

A septic tank soakaway is an essential part of an off-mains sewage system. It works in tandem with your septic tank to filter and safely dispose of wastewater. This filtered water, known as effluent, is slowly released into the surrounding soil through a network of underground drainage pipes and crates.

Why Choose Our Septic Tank Soakaway Kits?

  • UK Building Control, Environment Agency, and General Binding Rules Compliant: Ensures your installation meets all legal and environmental standards
  • Shallow Dig, Low Profile Tank: Minimizes excavation and disruption to your property
  • Extremely Easy DIY Installation: Save thousands on professional installation costs
  • No Concrete or Electricity Required: Simplifies the process and reduces environmental impact
  • Crate System Advantage: Compact drainage field, ideal for limited space or poor soil
  • Fast, Free UK Delivery: Get your kit right to your door within 7 working days

The Simple Installation Process

  1. Excavate a suitable area for the tank, inspection chamber, and drainage field crates.
  2. Place the septic tank, chamber, and crates in the designated locations.
  3. Connect all elements using the provided 110m single socket pipes.
  4. Backfill with soil or gravel.

That’s it! Your septic tank soakaway system is ready to use, typically within hours.

Save Thousands with Our Kits

Our septic tank soakaway kits are priced from just £1999. Compare this to the £12,000-£15,000 average cost of professional installation, and you could potentially save yourself a significant amount of money.

Kits for Any Property Size

We offer a range of septic tank soakaway kits designed to accommodate:

  • 1-2 bedroom properties
  • 3-4 bedroom properties
  • 5-6 bedroom properties
  • 7-8 bedroom properties
  • Glamping sites
  • Camping sites
  • Shepherd huts

Key Benefits of Septic Tank Soakaway Systems

  • Environmentally Friendly: Safely processes wastewater without harming the environment.
  • Off-Mains Solution: Ideal for locations without access to a public sewer system.
  • Cost-Effective: Budget-friendly compared to alternatives.
  • Reliable: Proven technology with minimal maintenance.

Get Your Septic Tank Soakaway Kit Today!

Ready to take charge of your off-mains sewage needs? Browse our selection of easy-to-install septic tank soakaway kits and discover the most suitable solution for your property.

Popular Septic Tank Soakaway Designs in the UK

  • Traditional Trench Soakaways: These are the most common type. They consist of a network of trenches filled with gravel or crushed stone, with perforated pipes laid within. The effluent from the septic tank flows through the pipes and gradually seeps into the surrounding soil.
  • Modular Soakaways: These systems use prefabricated plastic modules designed for quick installation. The modules are connected to form a network similar to traditional soakaways, providing a larger surface area for effluent dispersal.
  • Soakaway Crates: Similar to modular soakaways, these consist of interlocking plastic crates that form an underground chamber. They are particularly useful in areas with limited space, as they have a large storage capacity within a small footprint.

Regulations in the UK Regarding Septic Tank Soakaway Design

The design and installation of septic tank soakaways in the UK are governed by several sets of regulations and standards:

  • Building Regulations: Building Regulations Part H: Drainage and Waste Disposal lays out general requirements for drainage systems, including septic tank soakaways.
  • British Standard BS 6297:2007+A1:2008: This standard provides detailed guidance on the design, construction, and maintenance of soakaways.
  • Environment Agency Guidance: The Environment Agency offers additional guidance on the environmental aspects of soakaway design and placement.

Key Regulatory Considerations

  • Soil Permeability: A percolation test must be performed to determine the soil’s ability to absorb water. The soakaway design must be tailored to the soil’s permeability.
  • Location: Soakaways must be located away from buildings, watercourses, and wells to prevent contamination. Specific distances are outlined in the regulations.
  • Size: The size of the soakaway is determined by the volume of wastewater produced and the soil permeability. Calculations are needed to ensure the soakaway is adequately sized.
  • Depth: Soakaway drainage pipes must not be more than 700mm deep to ensure aerobic treatment of the effluent.
  • Materials: Perforated pipes and suitable backfill material, such as clean gravel, must be used.
  • Inspection Chamber: An inspection chamber must be installed between the septic tank and the soakaway for maintenance access.

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