Septic Tanks Soakaway Crates

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Septic Tanks Soakaway Crates

Septic tank soakaway crates are the future of soakaway products, Not only are they really, really easy to install but there also fully compliant with UK building regs, so it’s no wonder then that septic tank soakaway crates are the bestselling soakaway product in the UK today.

So, how do you install septic tank soakaway crates? Well it’s really easy. First simply dig a hole and then put the septic tank and the silt chamber into the whole connecting them together. Once you’ve done that. All you need to do then lay down the membrane that comes free with the septic tank soakaway crates. Once you’ve done that just start laying that individual soakaway crates on top of the membrane. They simply just clip together, and the clips are also supplied free with the soakaway crates.

Now these crates as I said, are designed for the DIY market and the really easy to put in.

Typically, the crates will take 1 to 2 hours to install once you put the crates in simply cover them, then with the membrane and then just cover the membrane with the top soil job done.

So, how do septic tanks so quick rates work well these crates have been designed by German scientists and it’s very, very clever how they work.  Basically, septic tank soakaway crates create a cavity inside the membrane and this cavity allows sewage effluent to flow into it. The crates and the membrane then slowly release the treated effluent into the surrounding topsoil and from there it then just naturally drains away into the ground. Very, very clever indeed.

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septic tank soakaway crates Are you looking for a septic tank soakaway product that is easy to install. Is fully compliant with UK building regs and will only take you 1 hour to install? Then have a look at this video about septic tank soakaway crates.

septic tank soakaway crates

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