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Get Access To Septic Tank Kits
Get Access To Septic Tank Repair Kits

Septic Tank Repairs: Affordable, Easy DIY Solutions with Our Septic Tank Soakaway Kits

Are septic tank problems draining your wallet? Discover the cost-effective, DIY alternative to expensive septic tank repairs.

Our innovative septic tank soakaway kits revolutionize septic tank installation and maintenance for UK homeowners and businesses. Here’s what makes them stand out:

  • Simple, Time-Saving Installation: No complex setups or electrical connections. In around 3 hours, you can have a fully functional septic tank system in place. You can do it yourself or enlist your local builder or ground worker – no specialized skills necessary!
  • Eco-Friendly & Efficient: Our kits feature shallow dig, low-profile septic tanks and drainage field crates that outperform traditional herringbone soakaways. This means faster effluent dispersal, making them ideal for clay soil or other challenging drainage conditions.
  • Huge Cost Savings: Say goodbye to installation fees upwards of £12,000! Starting at just £1999 with free UK delivery, our kits easily save you a minimum of £13,000.
  • Built to Last: Drainage field crates boast a massive 60-tonne bearing load, making them suitable for gardens, fields, or even driveways.
  • Fully Compliant and Approved: Rest assured, our septic tank soakaway kits meet stringent UK Building Control, Environment Agency standards, and General Binding Rules, making planning permission a breeze.

Why Choose Our Septic Tank Kits?

  • Designed for all UK properties: Homes, workshops, glamping sites, caravan parks – we have tailored solutions based on the number of bedrooms or your specific business needs.
  • Comply with sewage discharge regulations UK: Avoid fines and penalties with an Environment Agency-approved solution.

What’s in the Kit?

  • Shallow dig septic tank
  • Drainage field crates
  • Inspection chamber
  • 110mm piping
  • Free membrane

Ready to take control of your septic tank repairs and upgrade your system the smart way? Explore our septic tank soakaway kits today!

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