Septic Tank Converter

Septic Tank Converter

Every septic tank owner in the UK who had a septic tank installed before 2015 will have to apply for retrospective planning approval for their septic tank.

It will cost you £350 to make the application for your septic tank. However, there is no guarantee that you will get approval. It is now down to the discretion of your local building control.

Many people will have to use ‘approved installers’ to replace their sewage system to the cost of £15,000 – £25,000.

There is an easier and cheaper way to become approved.

It’s called a septic tank converter. It is a small nonelectric black tank that fits next to your septic tank.

It converts raw sewage in clean water making your septic tank safe for the environment and your family.

You can install the septic tank converter yourself or get your local builder to do it.

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Septic Tank Converter

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