If you own a sewage system and do not have a Government Compliance Form, solicitors representing the people purchasing your house can legally get you to reduce your house price by £10,000 - £15,000. (The price of a new sewage system.) And they do. Many customers are furious they have been affected by this loop hole in the legislation.


Solicitors are aware of this legal loop hole and are profiting handsomely from it!


Don't lose out or get ripped off by this sharp practice!


Don't fork out £1000's in solicitors fees and installation costs when you come to sell your house or when the new changes come into effect in 2020?


I normally charge £299+vat for this Government Form, but I am fed up with people get ripped off for £10,000-£15,000 just because they have been not advised to get one.


This Government form will protect you from this sharp practise and save you time, money and hassle and you can get your form for just £5. I have even filled in most of the details for you.


You will receive the form via email once payment is made.


Just download and print a copy off for yourself and your solicitor.


You can download as many copies as you want!


If you need any additional free help and advice then just call me on 0800 907 0051.






1. No Solicitors Fees - No Red Tape

2. No Reducing Your House Price - Save £££'s

3. No New Sewage System - No Replacement Costs

4. Easy To Print Off - Just Download it.

5. 2020 Compliant - Make Your System Legal

6. No Hassle - Just hand a copy to your solicitor.

Government Compliance Form

Was £299


Now Just

£5 inc vat

Free Download. Print off unlimited copies.


Money Back Guarantee

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