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2020 Compliant with UK Building Regs


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The Biggest Shake Up

In 300 Years

In 2020 the rules are tightening up for anyone with a septic tank.


These are some of the biggest changes that this country has seen regarding septic tanks since Victorian times.


If your septic tank does not meet these rules by the 1st Jan 2020 the Environment Agency will fine, prosecute and force owners to decommission and replace their septic tanks.


2020 is getting closer every day.


But don't worry. because in a minute I will show you how to simply and easily make your septic tank fully legal and 2020 compliant with UK Building Regs.


But first let me tell you a story...

Bob's Problem

I have been fixing septic tanks for 20 years, and a few weeks ago I got a call from a man named Bob.


He had read in the newspaper that in 2020 septic tanks across the country are going to be banned.


Worried he contacted a local firm to inspect his septic tank and give him some advice.


They said his septic tank old and needed replacing.


He was about to spend £1000's to have his septic tank replaced when he saw my advert and rang me up.


"Can you help?" He asked


"Yes, I can. There is an easy way to make your septic tank legal"


"How?" He replied

Septic Tank Polluting A Water Course

A Simple Solution

"I am going to send you a video. You just need to watch it. It will show you how to make your septic tank fully legal before 2020" I said


“Ok. I’ll take a look”


A few weeks later Bob rang me back and thanked me.


My video made Bob’s septic tank 2020 compliant with UK Building Regs . And saved him £££’s in repair costs.


That is just one example.


Just this year alone, my free video has helped many to make their septic tank fully legal and 2020 compliant.I


It will make your septic tank legal too!


So, what now?

Don't Replace

Your Septic Tank

Before spending £££’s to...

  • Replacing your septic tank!
  • Repair your septic tank!

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I will show you how to make your septic tank legal and 2020 compliant.


I will save you £1000's in repair costs!


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