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Has your soakaway stopped working?
Is your soakaway blocked?
Are you emptying you septic tank more frequently?
Have you had quotes to replace you soakaway?

If you can answer YES to any of those questions then
soakaway worms will fix and unblock your soakaway.

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Why Do Soakaways Fail?

Septic Tanks are full of fat, grease and Sludge.

Soakaways are like arteries in the human body.
Over time they clog up with fat and grease.

Once they are clogged up the water cannot
soakaway into the soil anymore.

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What Are Your Options?

Emptying your septic tank will not fix the problem
because the pipes will remain full of sludge.

Jetting will not fix the problem because to blasts
high powered water into the pipes and compresses the fat.

Rodding will not work because the rods will just
poke through the fat and the grease.
and saving you £1000’s in repair costs.

So if these options don’t work
What will?

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An Organic Solution

Soakaway worms are an amazing organic solution
that will unblock and fix your soakaway.

Just tip a bucket of worms into your septic tank.
The worms will make their way deep into your soakaway.

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No More Problems

As they penetrate the soakaway pipes they will
eat all the fat grease and sludge inside the pipes.

Once the fat and the grease have been removed the
water will flow freely once again. Fixing your soakaway
and saving you £1000’s in repair costs.

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They Clean Septic Tanks
Soakaway worms don’t just clear your soakaway
they will also keep your septic tank clean.

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Because they eat all the fat, grease and sludge
you will not need to get your septic tank emptied again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do The Worms Take To Work?
Normally they take 2-3 weeks to unblock your soakaway.
For big soakaways I recommend the Ex Large bucket.

Will The Worms Drown?
No. It is a myth that worms drown.
In bodies of water that has a flow in and a flow out

like a septic tank, the water in the tank is oxygenated.
The oxygen keeps the worms alive.

Should I Empty My Tank First?
Yes. The more of a head start you give the worms
the quicker they can get to work.

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