Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 9-10 Bedroom


Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 9-10 Bedroom Save £500. Offer Ends This Week


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Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 9-10 Bedroom – Easy, Eco-Friendly & Cost-Effective Solution

Upgrading your off-mains drainage solution for a 9-10 bedroom property? Our septic tank soakaway kits combine efficiency, sustainability, and affordability – all within UK regulations. No more worries about hefty installation fees or complex processes. This guide will walk you through exactly why our kits are the smart choice.

What You Get, and Why It’s Better

  • Shallow Dig, Low Profile Tank: Streamlined design for easier, more space-saving installation.
  • 110mm Single Socket Pipes: Reliable and easy-to-connect wastewater flow.
  • 320mm Inspection Chamber: Effortless access for checks and maintenance.
  • Drainage Field Crates: These outperform traditional herringbone soakaways with a smaller footprint and faster drainage – perfect for clay soil or high water tables!

The No-Fuss Installation

  1. Excavate: Prepare the area for the system.
  2. Install Tank & Components: Place the tank, inspection chamber, and drainage field crates.
  3. Connect: Securely attach the piping.
  4. Stabilize: Fill tank ⅓ with water.
  5. Backfill: Cover the tank with soil or suitable gravel (no concrete needed!).
  6. Drainage Field: Place crates, connect pipes, wrap with included membrane, and cover with soil.

The Benefits

  • Time-Saver: Roughly a 3-hour job – ideal for DIY or a local team
  • High Water Table Friendly: Shallow crates are designed for challenging soil.
  • Heavy-Duty: Drainage crates withstand up to a 60-tonne load.
  • Environment Agency Approved: Meets UK standards for environmental protection.
  • Passes Building Control & Planning: Compliant with the general binding rules.
  • Cost-Cutter: Save thousands compared to professional installation while achieving the same results.

Who Are These Kits For?

  • Homeowners: Perfect for larger properties not connected to mains drainage.
  • Businesses: Ideal for workshops, glamping/camping sites, Shepherd’s Huts, etc.
  • New Builds or Soakaway Replacements: Versatile and efficient solutions

Get Your Kit Today

Priced from just £1999 with free UK delivery (approximately 7 working days), our septic tank and soakaway kits are the smart choice. Browse our selection, tailored to your needs – based on bedrooms for homes and number of people for businesses.


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