Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 7-8 Bedroom


Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 7-8 Bedroom Save £500. Offer Ends This Week


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Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 7-8 Bedroom – The Easy, Affordable DIY Solution

Frustrated with complex and expensive septic tank installations for your 7 to 8-bedroom UK property? Our septic tank soakaway kits are the perfect answer, built with DIY simplicity and affordability in mind while meeting strict UK regulations.

What You Get in Our Septic Tank Soakaway Kit (7-8 Bedroom)

  • Shallow dig, low-profile septic tank: Minimal excavation, ideal for high water tables.
  • 5 x 3-metre lengths of 110mm single socket pipes: Ample piping for easy connections.
  • 1 x 320mm inspection chamber: Convenient access for maintenance.
  • Drainage field crates: Superior drainage compared to traditional soakaways, even in clay soil.

Effortless Installation (Even for DIY Enthusiasts)

  1. Dig a hole, insert the tank.
  2. Add the inspection chamber and crates.
  3. Connect pipes.
  4. Partially fill the tank for stability.
  5. Backfill with soil or gravel (no concrete needed!).

Benefits of Drainage Crates vs. Herringbone Soakaways

  • Smaller footprint: Perfect for limited space.
  • Faster drainage: No soggy lawns.
  • High water table friendly: Shallow design.
  • Robust construction: Handles up to 60 tonnes of load.

Who Can Install Our Septic Tank Soakaway Kits

  • Local builders
  • Groundworkers
  • DIY-savvy homeowners

Installation takes around 3 hours with just a small digger.

Speed, Savings, and Compliance

  • UK Delivery in ~7 working days (Free!)
  • Kits start at just £1999
  • Save thousands over professional installation
  • Approved by UK Building Control, Environment Agency, and the General Binding Rules – peace of mind for planning permission.

The Right Kit for Your Needs

We offer septic tank soakaway kits scaled to your needs:

  • Domestic: Kits sized by the number of bedrooms.
  • Commercial: Kits based on the number of users (workshops, glamping, campsites, etc.).

Transform Your Waste Management – Order Today!

Don’t settle for outdated or expensive septic solutions. Upgrade to a modern, efficient, and cost-effective septic tank soakaway kit!