Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 11-12 Bedroom


Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 11-12 Bedroom
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Septic Tank Soakaway Kit 11-12 Bedroom – Easy, Eco-Friendly Solution for UK Homes

Are you looking for a cost-effective, DIY-friendly septic system for your 11-12 bedroom UK property? Our septic tank soakaway kits are the perfect answer! Designed for straightforward installation, superior performance, and full regulatory compliance, they’re the smart choice for homeowners.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Shallow Dig, Low Profile Tank: Hassle-free installation with minimal excavation.
  • Quick and Easy: Typical installation takes just 3 hours.
  • No Concrete or Electricity: Reduces cost and environmental impact.
  • Drainage Field Crates: Superior dispersal compared to herringbone systems, ideal for poor draining soil, and high water tables.
  • Robust Construction: Drainage field crates withstand 60-tonne loads.
  • DIY Friendly: No specialist skills are needed – ideal for builders, groundworkers, or confident DIYers.

Cost Savings

  • Massive Savings: Save at least £13,000 compared to professional installation costs.
  • Affordable Soakaway Replacement: A more cost-effective solution than replacing an old soakaway.
  • Range of Sizes: Kits tailored to your needs, from small homes to larger properties or businesses.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Full Approval: Our septic tank soakaway kits meet UK Building Control, Environment Agency, and General Binding Rules standards – no planning permission worries!

Why Choose Us

  • UK-Focused: Products designed specifically for UK homes and the UK regulatory environment.
  • Free, Fast Delivery: Kits typically delivered within 7 working days, with no delivery charge.
  • Superior Technology: Drainage field crates outperform traditional soakaways.
  • Unbeatable Value: Start from just £1999 for a complete septic tank soakaway kit.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our septic tank soakaway kits are sized according to the needs of UK properties:

  • Domestic: Kits designed based on the number of bedrooms in your house.
  • Commercial: Kits based on the number of users, perfect for businesses, campsites, glamping sites, and more.

Let’s Get Started

Tired of outdated septic systems or exorbitant installation fees? Upgrade to a modern, efficient septic tank soakaway kit! Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get a personalized quote.

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