Eco System Organic Sewage Treatment Plant


Eco System Sewage Treatment Plant
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Eco System Organic Sewage Treatment Plant: The Eco-Friendly, Electricity-Free Solution

The Greener, More Reliable Choice: The Eco System Organic Sewage Treatment Plant

Looking for a smart, environmentally-conscious alternative to those noisy, costly electric sewage treatment plants? The Eco System Organic Sewage Treatment Plant is your answer.

Silence, Savings, and Safe Discharge

  • Zero Odors: Enjoy a peaceful property – no unpleasant sewage smells.
  • No Breakdowns: Forget expensive repairs. Our system’s simple, natural design ensures long-lasting reliability.
  • Clean, Organic Fertilizer: Your sewage transforms into safe, nutrient-rich liquid, perfect for gardens or discharge into watercourses.

Powered by Nature, Not Electricity

  • Zero Electricity Bills: Ditch those energy costs for good.
  • Ultimate Reliability: No complex components mean minimal risk of failure.
  • No Emptying Required: The Eco System’s natural processes do all the work.

How the Eco System Works

  1. The Bio Composter Tank: Red worms and bacteria break down waste just like a compost heap.
  2. The Worm Reactor: Further treatment by worms and bacteria turns effluent into plant-loving fertilizer.

More Than Just Sewage Treatment…

The Eco System’s liquid fertilizer is a gardener’s dream come true. It nourishes your lawn, plants, and trees. Plus, it’s safe for discharge into rivers, streams, brooks, or ditches.

Effortless Installation

The Eco System is surprisingly DIY-friendly. Your local builder, ground worker, or even you can handle the installation with ease:

  1. Dig the hole
  2. Drop in the docking mats and tanks
  3. Connect the pipes
  4. Backfill

The Budget-Friendly, Eco-Champion

Not only is the Eco System an environmentally sound choice, but it’s also cost-effective. Because it uses no electricity, has virtually no breakdown risk, and requires no servicing, it’s one of the most affordable domestic sewage treatment plants in the UK.

Official Approval – Your Peace of Mind

The Eco System is fully approved by:

  • UK Building Control
  • The Environment Agency
  • General Binding Rules

…easing the path to worry-free planning permission.

Important Note: These systems are custom-made to order, with a delivery time of approximately 14 days.