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10000 Litre Septic Tank Price: Get the Best Deal on a Complete Septic Tank Soakaway Kit

Need a 10000 litre septic tank for your UK property? Our affordable septic tank soakaway kits offer a simple, Building Control and Environment Agency-approved solution that can save you thousands compared to professional installation.

What’s Included in Our Septic Tank Soakaway Kits?

  • Shallow dig, low profile 10000 litre septic tank
  • 5 x 3-meter lengths of 110mm single socket pipes
  • 1 x 320mm inspection chamber
  • 8 drainage field crates (superior to herringbone soakaways!)

Benefits of Our Kits

  • Easy, DIY-Friendly Installation: Your builder, groundworker, or even you can handle it! No concrete or electricity needed.
  • Space-Saving Design: Drainage field crates have a small footprint, perfect for properties with limited space.
  • Official Approval: Meets all UK regulations (Building Control, Environment Agency, General Binding Rules) for smooth planning permission.
  • Fast, Free UK Delivery: Typically arrives in just 7 working days.
  • Ideal for Poor Drainage: Works exceptionally well in clay soil and other challenging ground conditions.

How it Works (in 3 Simple Steps)

  1. Dig a hole
  2. Insert the tank, inspection chamber, crates, and connect the pipes.
  3. Backfill – that’s it!

Massive Savings Potential

  • Typical Kit Price: Starts at £1999
  • Professional Installation Cost: £12,000-£15,000
  • Your Savings: At least £13,000!

Septic Tank Kits for Every Need

We offer kits tailored to your property size and use:

  • 1-2 bedroom homes
  • 3-4 bedroom homes
  • 5-6 bedroom homes
  • 7-8 bedroom homes
  • Glamping sites
  • Camping sites
  • Shepherd huts

Want to Know More?

Get in touch for a personalized quote and to discuss your specific septic tank soakaway needs. We’re here to ensure you get the best “10000 litre septic tank price” and a system perfectly suited to your property.

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Get Access To Septic Tank Kits