If you own a septic tank or sewage treatment plant, then please read this...


On the 1st Jan 2020 septic tank owners are going to face some of the biggest changes in the last 300 years.


The government is introducing the septic tank ban!


Many septic tanks up and down the country will be banned and many septic tank owners will be fined and face prosecution if they do not have legal documentation to show what sewage system they have or how they maintained it.


But there's more...

Septic Tank Polluting Watercourse

If you come to sell your house and do not own a Government Compliance Form, solicitors representing the people purchasing your house can legally get you to reduce your house price by £10,000 - £15,000. (The price of a new sewage system.) And they do. Many customers are furious they have been affected by this loop hole in the legislation.


Solicitors are aware of this legal loop hole and are profiting handsomely from it!


So, how can you make you septic tank legal?


How can you avoid fines when the septic tank ban comes into force!


How can you save £1000's when you come to sell your house?



Become Legal Now!


Get yourself a government compliance form.


A government compliance form is a template outlined by the government that you must display in your kitchen or, utility room.  You must also hand one to your solicitor.


This government form normally costs £299, but today you can get it for Free!


Yep, that's right there's no catch!


Because the septic tank ban is so close and so few people know about it, and all septic tank owners must now have a government compliance form - I have decided to give them away for free.


You just need to download it and fill in the blanks.


Just download as many copies as you want!


Display one in the kitchen and hand the other to your solicitor. 


If you need any additional free help and advice then just call me on 0800 907 0051.





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