An Amazing Solution

Whether you've got a garden, yard or kennel
it's now really easy to dispose of your dogs poop.

Just pick up your dogs poop and put
it into the dog poop in the septic tank.


It's as easy as that.


Let me explain how it works...

The dog poop septic tank is powered by organic red worms and bacteria

How Does It Work?

The main reason the dog poop septic tank
works so well is because of what's inside it.

Organic red worms and bacteria eat
and break down the dog poop.
Like that in a compost heap.

See the amazing results below...

The Result?

The worms break down the dog poop and
it dissolves into a mineral rich liquid that
you can use as plant food to feed and
nourish your lawn and plants.


No more mess. No more smells.

Even Works With
Dog Poop Bags

That's right. If you use
bio degradable dog poop bags the dog
poop dissolver will even break those down too!

If you would like a revolutionary, new way

of hygienically disposing of your dogs poop

then the dog poop septic tank is for you...

Got More Dogs?

Need A Bigger
Dog Poop Septic Tank?


Money Back Guarantee

Dog Poop Septic Tank

(For 1-5 Dogs)

Dependant on breed. Smaller breeds produce
less waste than larger ones


Height 510 mm x Diameter 680 mm

Precise dimensions and apprearance may vary

The dog poop septic tank is designed to sit
above ground in your garden or yard.

1. No Electricity. No Batteries - No Electric Bills.

2. No Smells - Fresh, clean and 100% organic.

3. Maintenance Free Uses natural processes such as gravity, air pressure, bacteria and worms.

4. Easy To Set Up - Takes 5 Mins.

5. Very Reliable - Cannot break down

6. Strong Lid.Tamper proof lid safe for children.

7. No Emptying. Sludge eaten by organic red worms.

8. Lifetime Guarantee.

Limited Offer

Was £249

Now Just

UK Delivery is £39.99

Dog Poop Septic Tank is built to order.

Due to Covid -19
Delivery is approximately 10-14 days.



Money Back Guarantee

Got More Dogs?

Want A Bigger Dog Poop Septic Tank?

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