Septic Tank Soakaway Crates

Septic tank soakaway crates are an amazing alternative to the traditional herringbone soakaway method.

Septic tank soakway crates are ideal for any garden, are very easy to install, have a 20 tonne bearing load and are UK building regs approved.

Each septic tank soakaway kit also comes with Free membrane worth over £100.

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Shared Septic Tank Legal Issues

Do you share a septic tank with your neighbour? Is the shared septic tank causing problems with your neighbours? Do you wish you could have your very own septic tank? In this live broadcast I will show you some of the basic legal issues that people on shared sewage systems face. I will show you how to cut yourself off from your neighbours’ septic tank and install your very own sewage system. This live broadcast will set you free and save you £1000’s. For more free advice and information please visit