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Above Ground Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant: The Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Solution

Are you tired of expensive, inefficient, and environmentally questionable sewage treatment options? Introducing the Eco System – a revolutionary above ground domestic sewage treatment plant that’s changing the way we manage wastewater.

The Power of Nature

The Eco System is a non-electric organic sewage system that harnesses the incredible power of nature to treat your sewage. Forget about noisy compressors, foul odors, and costly electricity bills. This system is silent, odor-free, and runs without external power.

How Does the Eco System Work?

  • Stage 1: The Bio Composter Waste enters the Bio Composter, where hardworking red worms and beneficial bacteria break down solids, just like a traditional compost heap.
  • Stage 2: The Worm Reactor The effluent (liquid) from the Bio Composter flows into the Worm Reactor. Here, even more red worms and bacteria work their magic, converting the liquid into a nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer.

More Than Just Clean Sewage

The Eco System isn’t simply about sewage treatment – it’s an eco-powerhouse! The organic fertilizer it produces will make your garden thrive. You can either release it directly into the soil for supercharged plant growth or safely discharge it into a nearby watercourse like a stream or river.

The Eco System Advantage

  • Zero Electricity Bills: Unlike electric sewage treatment systems, the Eco System has no running costs!
  • Unmatched Reliability: No fancy electronics or moving parts means nothing to break down, saving you costly repairs.
  • No Empties Needed: The worms and bacteria consume everything, eliminating the need for expensive tank emptying.

Easy, DIY-Friendly Installation

Installing the Eco System is a breeze! You can hire a local builder, groundworker, or tackle the process yourself. Just dig a hole, lay the docking mats, install the tanks, connect the pipes, and backfill. That’s it!

Peace of Mind: Certified and Compliant

The Eco System domestic sewage treatment plant meets strict UK standards:

Unbeatable Value

The Eco System’s unique design makes it one of the most affordable non-electric domestic sewage treatment plants on the market, and far cheaper to operate over time than traditional electric systems – plus most electric systems come with only a 1-year warranty!

Upgrade Your Sewage Treatment, Upgrade Your Life

If you’re ready to ditch the headaches and costs of traditional domestic sewage treatment in favor of a sustainable, worry-free solution, the Eco System is the perfect answer.

Contact us today to learn more and get a quote for transforming your sewage disposal and supporting the environment!