If you own a septic tank then please read this...


48 hours ago the law for septic tanks changed.


The government has introduced something called Retrospective Planning Approval for septic tanks.

It means that every septic tank installed before 2015 must now have planing approval.


After the 1st January 2020 all septic tank owners will get a visit from a government inspector.


The inspector will require information about your septic tank.


Based on the information you provide, they will then carry out an inspection of your septic tank.


Based on the site inspection your septic tank will Pass or Fail. According to recent figures it is estimated that 60%-70% of septic tanks will fail.


But that's not all...

Retrospective Planning
Approval Application

Once your septic tank has been inspected you then be required to apply for planning approval. This will cost you £350 and you have have to fill out a lengthy application form.


If your septic tank failed you will need to replace it.


Many inspections are pushing for electric Bio Digesters to be installed.


Typical costs for relocation or replacement are in the region of £15,000-£25,000.


So, how can you make your septic tank legal?


How can you avoid fines, prosecution and spending £1000's in replacement costs?


Let me show you...

Government Inspector Testing Septic Tank Discharge

How To Become Legal Today

You need a government compliance form.


A government compliance form is a form that contains vital information about your septic tank.


This government form is Free!


Yep, that's right there's no catch!


Just fill in the form below.  I will then email a digital copy of this form to you.


Print off as many copies as you want!


You must display this in your kitchen or, utility room.  You must also hand one to your solicitor.


This form will help you in 2 ways.


1) No Planning Approval. No Site Inspection. When the Government inspectors come round just hand this form to them. It will tell them everything about your septic tank. In many cases it can prevent a sight inspection and having to apply for planning approval for your septic tank.


2) You will now be able to sell your house. Without having the information on this form, the legal side of selling your house cannot be completed after the 1st January 2020.


To get your free form, just fill in the form below.  I will then email a digital copy of this form to you.


Job done  :-)


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