4800 Litre Septic Tank

Get Access To Septic Tank Kits
Get Access To 4800 Litre Septic Tank Kits

4800 Litre Septic Tank Kits: Easy, Affordable & UK Building Regulations Compliant

Looking for a top-quality 4800 litre septic tank solution that’s incredibly easy to install? Our DIY-friendly septic tank soakaway kits offer unbeatable value, fast installation, and full compliance with UK building and environmental regulations.

What’s Included?

  • Shallow dig, low profile septic tank for easy installation
  • 5 x 3 metre lengths of 110mm drainage pipe
  • 320mm inspection chamber
  • High-performance drainage field crates

Effortless Installation

  1. Excavate the hole
  2. Drop in the septic tank
  3. Insert the inspection chamber and crates
  4. Connect the pipework
  5. Weight the tank with a ⅓ fill of water
  6. Backfill with soil or gravel – no concrete needed
  7. Connect the drainage crates to the inspection chamber pipe
  8. Cover crates with included membrane
  9. Backfill with soil

Why Our Crates Outperform Traditional Soakaways

Our drainage field crates offer significant advantages over herringbone soakaway systems:

  • Smaller footprint: Ideal for limited spaces
  • Faster drainage: Optimal for challenging soil conditions like clay
  • Shallow installation: Effluent disperses closer to the surface, enhancing drainage

The Time & Cost Savings Are HUGE!

  • Install it yourself in about 3 hours. No specialized skills needed – a builder, groundwork specialist, or you can do the job!
  • Kits start at just £1999. Professional installation runs £12,000-£15,000 – you save a minimum of £13,000!
  • 7-day UK delivery, and it’s FREE.

Environment Agency Approved & Beyond

Rest assured, our septic tank soakaway kits fully comply with:

  • UK Building Control regulations
  • Environment Agency guidelines
  • General Binding Rules (for sewage discharge regulations UK )

Flexible Sizing & Applications

Choose the perfect kit based on your UK property’s bedrooms. We also offer solutions for:

  • Workshops
  • Glamping sites
  • Caravan and camping sites
  • Shepherd Huts
  • Gardens, fields, driveways (60 tonne bearing load on crates)

Ready to Get Started?

Upgrade your property with a premium 4800 litre septic tank kit. Save time, money, and hassle – all with the peace of mind that comes from regulatory compliance. Contact us today on 0800 907 0051.

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