18 Pop Septic Tank

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Get Access To 18 Pop Septic Tank Kits

18 Pop Septic Tank Kits: The Easy, Affordable UK Solution

Frustrated with complex and expensive septic tank installations? Our 18 pop septic tank kits revolutionize the process for UK homeowners, offering a simple, cost-effective, and fully compliant solution. Ideal for off-mains properties, these environmentally-friendly kits ensure seamless waste management.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Shallow Dig, Low Profile Tank: Streamlined installation with minimal excavation.
  • Quick & Easy Setup: A 3-hour project – save thousands on professional installation costs.
  • Drainage Field Crates: Superior performance compared to herringbone soakaways, even in clay soil.
  • No Concrete or Electricity Required: Reduced cost, complexity, and environmental impact.
  • Building Regulations Compliant UK: Approved by the Environment Agency for your peace of mind.

How a Septic Tank Soakaway Kit Works

  1. Place the Tank: Dig a hole and insert the lightweight septic tank.
  2. Install Inspection Chamber & Crates: Set up the drainage network for efficient effluent dispersal.
  3. Connect the Pipes: Push and connect the included piping for effortless setup.
  4. Secure and Backfill: Add water to the tank for stability, then backfill with soil or gravel.

Why Choose Our Kits

  • Save Thousands: Bypass exorbitant installation fees with our DIY-friendly or builder-friendly kits, starting at just £1999.
  • 7-Day UK Delivery: Get your project started quickly with our fast and free shipping.
  • Sized for Your Needs: We tailor kits to your property’s size & usage requirements.
  • Commercial-Grade Available: Robust septic tank soakaway solutions ideal for businesses, campsites, and more.
  • Driveway-Friendly: Drainage crates withstand up to 60 tonnes of pressure for versatile placement.

Compliance Matters

Rest assured that our 18 pop septic tank kits fully adhere to UK building regulations, Environment Agency standards, and sewage discharge regulations UK. Your installation is guaranteed to gain all necessary planning approvals.

Ready to Transform Your Septic System?

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get a personalized quote for your 18 pop septic tank kit. Experience the difference a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective septic solution can make!

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