12 Person Septic Tank

Get Access To Septic Tank Kits
Get Access To 12 Person Septic Tank Kits

12 Person Septic Tank Kit | Easy UK Installation | Save Thousands

12 Person Septic Tank Kit | Easy UK Installation | Save Thousands

Upgrade Your Off-Grid Drainage with Our 12 Person Septic Tank Soakaway Kit

Struggling with off-grid sewage solutions for your UK property? Our 12 person septic tank soakaway kits offer a simple, cost-effective, and environmentally sound solution. With a shallow-dig design, easy installation, and Building Control, Environment Agency, and General Binding Rules compliance, you’ll get a hassle-free septic system that saves you money and worry.

What’s Included and Why You’ll Love It

  • Everything You Need in One Kit
    • Shallow dig low profile 12 person septic tank
    • 5 x 3 metre lengths of 110mm single socket pipes
    • 1 x 320mm inspection chamber
    • Drainage field crates
    • Free membrane
  • Simplicity is Key
    • No concrete needed – just soil or 20-30mm gravel backfill
    • No electricity required
    • Quick, 3-hour installation saves you time
    • Perfect for poor-draining soil conditions like clay

Beat Traditional Soakaways

  • Drainage Field Crates: The Smart Upgrade
    • Smaller footprint compared to herringbone soakaways
    • Faster effluent drainage for optimal performance
    • Ideal for shallow installations where depth is a limitation

Savings and Ease

  • Save Thousands and Take Control
    • Kits start at just £1999 – a fraction of the £12,000-£15,000 for professional installation
    • DIY-friendly or easily tackled by your local builder or groundworker
    • No specialised knowledge required – just a 3-5 tonne digger

Beyond Residential

  • Solutions for Businesses and More
    • Kits designed for workshops, glamping sites, caravan/camping sites, Shepherd Huts
    • Install in gardens, fields, or under driveways (60 Tonne crate load capacity)
  • Ready to Get Your Septic System Sorted?
    • Free UK delivery within 7 working days
    • Kits for properties of all sizes and commercial applications
    • Contact us now for expert advice and a personalised quote

UK Building Control: https://buildingcontrol.planningportal.co.uk/

General Binding Rules: https://www.generalbindingrules.co.uk/general-binding-rules

Environment Agency Regulations: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/general-binding-rules-small-sewage-discharge-to-the-ground

British Water Guidelines: https://www.britishwater.co.uk/page/Accreditation-Certificationcertified-small-wastewater-treatment-systems-for-up-to-50-pt

Septic Tank Discharge Regulations: https://consult.defra.gov.uk/water/reform-regulatory-system-small-sewage-discharges/results/your-sewage-your-environment-leaflet-july-2015.pdf