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Why I Love Septic Tanks

As a child I lived in a house that had a cast iron lid partially obscured by grass at the bottom of the garden. Occasionally I would sneak down the garden and lift this lid and strain my eyes as I peered into the darkness. Through the shafts of light, I was horrified to discover a heaving mass of worms squirming away in the semi darkness.
This living organic sewage system amazed and fascinated me, and my dad said it was called a septic tank!

20 years later, I got married and moved into a Victorian terraced cottage. I was one of 4 properties which shared a septic tank with our neighbour. The tank developed a problem and it had to be emptied once a week at the cost of £360. Because the neighbour didn’t get on with anyone, he couldn’t be reasoned with and it was now costing each property £90 a week to get this tank emptied each week. This went on for about a year and the situation started to make my wife and I ill.

I contacted the council and various other agencies, but no one could help. We tried to sell our house, but no one would buy it under these conditions. The situation seemed hopeless. That was until I contacted a sewage consultant. He advised me that the only way out of this dilemma was to install my own septic tank. His advice was amazing. After lots of research I installed my very own septic tank and soakaway a few months later. The feeling was incredible. Seeing what I had done, Jim my next door approached me the following week and asked if I could install a tank for him too.

Since then, I have been helping other people up and down the country fix their septic tank problems. 

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For over 20 years I have been installing, repairing and selling septic tanks.
I consult for UK Building Regs and the Environment Agency.

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